Friday, December 10, 2010


1. I wish it would finally snow so it would feel like Christmas is coming in 2 weeks!!

2. Yesterday I worked all alone in my new office and got so much work done. The peacefulness was heavenly. Can't wait to go back on Monday!

3. Today I will read a few more pages of my book that I'm dying to finish but just can't seem to get there.

4. Tomorrow I will sleep in a little, have a yummy cup of coffee and clean my house...and hope it SNOWS!! Maybe go to the movies with McFly tomorrow night?

5. Maybe it will snow still before Christmas.

6. Someday I want to go on a sunny, lounge on the beach suntanning, sleeping, reading a book, sipping a cool drink in a cute bikini vacation!!

7. I love game night at my house with all my kids and their friends!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fill in the blanks Sunday...

My thanksgiving plans this year will include babysitting my Bella on Wednesday night befor the big day so that her mommy and handsome man "Frenchie", can head down to CS to see his family for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. THEN...on THE day...I'll be cooking the bird with my favorite "bird" Bev, enjoying the day with 2 of my kids, a friend of my Yessica, the Depauw's, Bev & Bella, and of course "Frenchie". I'm thinking it's going to be a fabulous day of friends, family, good food and fun!!

My favorite Thanksgiving was when my mom and step-dad Jeff drove out to Colorado to spend the holidays with us and help us set up our new house. The weather was fantastic and Jeffrey was outside on my ladder hanging Christmas lights on the house in 75 degree weather! In shorts and golf shirt naturally!!

My signature Thanksgiving dish is my garlic mashed potates and trashy fruit salad with whipped cream!! (My mom's favorite thing to make during the holidays)

My favorite Thanksgiving food is the whole damn thing!!! LOL :-D

Thanksgiving free association! WTH??? Hmmmm...Family, friends, food, fress orgie, fun times???

I am thankful for my kids. They love me unconditionally and always and make me laugh and pee my pants. My friends...they are like my sisters who live so far away. They don't judge me, love me for who I am...even on fat days (LOL), and come running to the rescue whenever I need them. My health...cause we all know it's been VERY up and down the last 9 years...SHEESH! But more than that...HEALTH INSURANCE!!! Because one little evening in the ER will easily slam you for $5k for the doc to say you have an infection, write you a few prescriptions and send you drugged up on your merry little way.
For my dogs...who are chunky...but soooooo loveable and snuggle with me any chance they can get, protect me from ANYONE trying to come in the house, leave dog tummble weeds all over the house for me to clean, and who smile at me when I rub their tummies.
And last but definitely not Family...though we live thousands of miles away from each are in my heart and on my mind everyday!! <3<3<3

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thoughts over the weekend...

Well hello there...

hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that each of you took a little time to yourself!

That is something I've learned to do recently...make and take time for myself (ok I got laid off a few weeks ago and am forced to get along with myself). It's soooo IMPORTANT! And so many of us just don't do it...or just don't make time to stop and do something for ourselves. And that means...doing nothing! Or leaving the kids (yes, a 12 year old is plenty old enough to hang out alone for awhile!), significant other (they ARE capable of watching the little ones, doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen on their own!!), animals behind and focusing on the one most important person in your life...YOU!! YOU are most important and if you don't take care of yourself first, there's no way you can be happy and take care of others or your daily life. So, I want you ALL to pick a day/time and carve it out just for you! whatever you want, but it can't be something for anyone else...just for yourself.

Ask my kids and they will tell you that there were times when I would go and go and go and never stop for even a second!! I remember all too clearly when we were trying to relax on a Sunday afternoon, all of us in front of a movie, SB laying on the floor in front of the warm fire, snacks in hand, homework being worked on, papers being graded...and I couldn't keep my butt planted on that couch for longer than 2 minutes!! There was always SOMETHING on my mind that HAD to get done RIGHT NOW!!! And honestly...what did I get from all of that?? I'll tell you...cranky kids, who were tired of me running around all day and not spending time with them, and friends who just wanted to shake me then tie me down for 10 minutes!! Plus...I eventually got tired of hearing "MOM...sit down!!"

With a lot of hard work and self control...I've finally learned how NOT to feel guilty if I leave dishes in the sink and they sit there all day, to not be caught up on the laundry, to leave the beds left unmade for 24 hours (it's easier for the dogs to burrow under the covers that way anyway), and to actually watch an ENTIRE movie without missing half of it because I couldn't sit still (people hate it when you don't pay attention and you have to repeatedly ask "what's going on now?") and yes...I'm falling asleep during the movie less and less these days now too...because I'm not so exhausted from running around doing mindless tasks that can wait for later!!

So let me know what you decided to do in the time that you put aside for yourself!! And if you took a nap...GOOD FOR YOU!! If you went to the gym...even better! But believe're going to feel so much better once you get in the habit. Promise!

So there you have "rant" for the day. Make it a good one!!

Meryl :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

All in the day of a "woman of leisure"...

So, I thought in my first blog that I would give you a little insight on what swirls around in my head daily, now that I'm a "lady of liesure" (as some have called it).

You may not believe it, but getting laid off is really one of the best things that has happened to me in awhile. REALLY!!
It's given me the time to regroup with myself, get my feet back on the ground, calm my anxieties and to re-focus on the good things in life, all the while letting go of the stress that had begun to consume my life. As a result, I'm a much happier, healthier person and look forward to what life has to offer me going forward. I find myself smiling more, sleeping better and I appreciate so much more the little things in life. Though I'm looking hard for a new position...I will enjoy this time given me and make every day count. It's how it should be. Making every day count.
Having to deal with petty, unsupportive, gossipy, non-ethical "people" can cause you to miss so many things along the way. What a waste of time. I've decided that I don't want to miss a thing...EVER! So I won't.

Do I worry about how long I'll be without a job? Of course! Do I worry if I'll be able to pay all my bills? Yup! Will I survive this new challenge that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise?...absolutely! And I'm going to have a good time doing it too.

Life constantly throws us curve balls and it's up to us to either catch those spinning speed balls and throw them right back or to let them smack us up side the head and knock us down. Don't let them knock you is too short for that and you're going to miss so many other more important things. But if you do stumble and fall...get right back up, get right back in that saddle and keep on moving forward. It's hard...yes, no doubt about that -  but learn from what has just happened and make the best of it, don't let it get the best of you. Stop and smell the roses once in awhile. We do so little of that in our lives. But if you do, I guarantee you that things will look better in the morning and you'll be a much happier person.

With that...I leave you to the rest of your day.

Meryl :-)

Fill in the blanks

1. The most spontaneous thing I've ever done is to take a dance job on a different continent! In Baghdad, 19 years old, and very adventurous. It was an amazing time and one I'll not forget...ever! My family thought I was being a crazy, rebellious teenager (and I was!!), but it was such an amazing experience that I would not trade for the world.

2. The best gift I've ever received 3 kids. Each one different and unique, and the loves of my life.

3. A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was when I was asked to join the afore mentioned show in Baghdad...never thought I had it in me! 

4. I can't leave the house without a pair of sunglasses and my cell phone..I'm a cell phone whore, it's awful. (I copied this from my daughter, J, because I can't leave the house without the same things)

5. My favorite day of the week is definitely Sunday because it's drinking coffee-while clipping coupons-watching "Snapped" day!!

6.  Something that can always make me laugh is Big Bang theory. In my book the funniest shows around! 

7. My perfect day would include waking up on a Sunday morning, making German Breakfast for my kids, "adoptive" kids and friends and just sitting at the table for hours laughing, talking and enjoying the food and each others day EVER!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010